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Tiny Marie | ABOUT
This is me when I was tiny

Hi, I am Marie Dautel…

…the founder of Learning Kiddos. Let me tell you a little bit about me. Since we’ve had our little son Nils in 2015 our world turned upside down (but in a good way). Now it is all sticks & stones (we have been collecting them for years now), confetti & climbing (this energy – where did he get it from?) and monkeys & magic (oh yes, he loves monkeys…)

I started this blog in 2020 as a creative outlet for my ideas – one of my greatest joy in life is simply making stuff. Stuff like crafts, DIY ideas, pattern designsfonts, Skillshare courses, boom cards and little videos for kids. And so I thought: Well, why do I not put this content out into the world? Whimsical crafts that are fun for everyone: kids as well as parents, teachers, homeschoolers and educators. Because in life the small, ordinary moments matter a lot and why not make someone happy?

Nils Dautel compressed | ABOUT
Our little son Nils

Want to start right away?

Are you in need of a cool free gift for your little nephew or niece who was just born a few days ago? Do you want to learn more about the solar system with your kid? Need free alphabet worksheets? Interested in making a cool craft while learning more about the life cycle of a frog? Want to throw an epic jungle party for your kiddo?

To get started just check out my fun craft ideas – I organized them by unit so you can use them for homeschooling your kids, too.

Do you remember when you were little and could be everything? Astronauts flying to the moon…dinosaurs stomping through the jungle…or mermaids living on land and in water.


Collect experiences not things

Down the memory lane I remember a really cool adventure with my parents. We went to Tunisia and my dad pushed a treasure map through the door. My little brother and me were so excited! We found a small amulet, which is still with me today. Creating fun memories with your kids is the easiest way to connect with them in a meaningful way. That’s why I want to help you with making sweet memories.



Illustration | ABOUT


Illustrating is another love of mine. I draw all of my illustrations on my iPad in Pro Create and use them for my free crafts, videos, fabric collections and Skillshare classes. 

So how can you sum up my blog? Think Mr. Printables meets YouTube for Kids plus fun Sewing Ideas and Skillshare classes for parents (coming up in the future). 

Have a sunny day and stay tuned – every Sunday I post new content.


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