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Colorful ABC – a cute free alphabet pennant

Interested in a fun free colorful abc pennant? Sometimes it is hard to teach kids the alphabet, but my little craft can help with it. And they can color in the letters too. Read this blog post to find out how to make the pennant.

Download your free colorful abc pennant here

Ready to download your free colorful abc pennant? Check it out by clicking the button below. I’ve prepared it as a PDF for you in letter size. You can print it at home or in your office and start right away making it. Check out the video at the end of this post on how to make the pennant.

Alphabet Pennant | Colorful ABC - a cute free alphabet pennant

A little background on my illustration studio and my freebies

In 2020 I’ve started my illustration studio and blog Learning Kiddos. Since then I am constantly evolving my portfolio. I started with free kids crafts (you can find them on this blog) and carried on with surface pattern design. Currently I am making my first Skillshare course and started checking out Boom Cards. In 2022 I want to write and illustrate my first kids book.

It is my firm belief that digital learning should support handmade learning. It is a matter how digital stuff looks and is presented to the kids. That’s why I started with boom cards. The concept is that teachers can make boom card decks and kids can learn with them.

I draw and stamp all of my illustrations myself. For stamping I use block stamping with linocut and for illustrations I use my iPad Pro with the app Pro Create. Check it out if you are an artist it is super-helpful and is great for a digital plus handmade workflow.

Find out how to make the pennant

Making the pennant is as easy as the ABC…

A) The first step is to print out the template – just click on the button above, download it and print it. It is letter-sized for your convenience. Print it either at home or in your office.

B) The second step is to cut out the template along the black lines. Your kiddo can help if they already have a good scissor practice. Please always watch your kids when they work with scissors.

C) The last step is to punch little holes in the pennant and thread some cord through. Your kiddo can color in the letters if they want. Now all you need is hang the pennant.

Easy as ABC, wasn’t it?

Want a detailed instruction video instead? Just scroll to the end of this post to find one.

Have a look at the list of animals I’ve used for the colorful abc

Animal with letter a – Alligator

Animal with letter b – Bees

Animal with letter c – Crab

Animal with letter d – Dog

Animal with letter e – Elk

Animal with letter f – Frog

Animal with letter g – Giraffe

Animal with letter h – Hippo

Animal with letter i – Indian Elephant

Animal with letter j – Jellyfish

Animal with letter k – Kangaroo

Animal with letter l – Lion

Animal with letter m – Monkey

Animal with letter n – Narwhale

Animal with letter o – Owl

Animal with letter p – Pig

Animal with letter q – Queen Snake

Animal with letter r – Rooster

Animal with letter s – Shark

Animal with letter t – Toucan

Animal with letter u – Urchin

Animal with letter v – Vampire Bat

Animal with letter w – Whale

Animal with letter x – Xenosaurus

Animal with letter y – Yak

Animal with letter z – Zebra

Interested in a video on how to make the colorful ABC pennant?

Check it out on You Tube on my Learning Kiddos channel here:

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10 | Colorful ABC - a cute free alphabet pennant
8 | Colorful ABC - a cute free alphabet pennant
9 | Colorful ABC - a cute free alphabet pennant