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Free nursery printable – a solar system poster

Wow, so you’ve got the message that you are pregnant? I’ve got a free nursery printable for you: a solar system poster. It let’s you fantasize about the perfect little nursery of yours, doesn’t it?

Download your free nursery printable: a solar system poster

Wondering how this cute poster will look in real life? Scroll down to the end of this post and check out the video I’ve made.

Did you know that the most common poster sizes in the US are 24×36 inch and 27×40 inch? You are in luck – I’ve prepared both of those sizes as a poster for you. Want another size, for example the letter size 8.5×11 inch? Please let me know in the comments and I will prepare it for you (and everybody out there as well).

Solar System Freebie | Free nursery printable - a solar system poster

Future plans for Learning Kiddos

Finally I’ve managed to get into the rut to make something every week. Although it is hard work too I love it. My motivation is to make things easier for parents and teachers alike. If you are interested in inspiring crafts, DIY, kids décor and educational videos, don’t forget to follow me on my YouTube Channel here.

So what is planned next for Learning Kiddos? The goal for 2021 is that I will have so many topics that I can create a little homeschool calendar for you. All the units (woodland, farm, solar system etc.) will be in it and you can print it out and follow along with your kids. Of course you can use it on rainy days, too.

Another big topic I love is illustrating things – from cute little animals to stamped things (I’ve just recently discovered linocut again) I illustrate everything. And this is just the beginning, because of course you can do a lot with those illustrations – think fabrics, printables like party printables, poster, greeting cards, craft ideas and more.

Also on my list is creating my first Skillshare class about Animating Animals or a making an indoor museum for kids. In addition I plan to create more fabric collections fonts in the future. Have you heard of Boom Cards yet? I love their concept so maybe I will do more of those decks soon too.

You see I’ve got so many ideas spinning around in my head that it is sometimes easy for me to focus which ones I should consider doing = ) Maybe I will ask my community soon and they can say what they would like me to do…maybe on Insta?

For now next week I will be on holiday for 20 days…20 days of summer, sunshine, friends, gin-tonics and great talks, podcasts, books and relaxing times.

Want to check out how this cute solar system poster looks in the real world?

Check out my video here to find out how my free nursery printable looks in real life.

How about more fun ideas for the summer?

Are you and your kids bored at home on a rainy day? Don’t know what to do at home during summer holidays? Check out my free printables – cool summer mazes for kids. And of course they learn a thing or two doing the mazes.

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10 | Free nursery printable - a solar system poster
9 | Free nursery printable - a solar system poster
8 | Free nursery printable - a solar system poster