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Free playroom printables – witty quotes

Are you looking for a cool way to upgrade your kiddo’s nursery or playroom? Well, read on because I have eight free playroom printables for you – with witty quotes on them.

Have a look at your freebie: eight fun free playroom printables with quotes

When I made those eight free playroom printables I thought about our little one – Nils – he is five years old now and loves fun quotes. That’s why I made them for him, but you can benefit, too. I’ve put them in a letter format for you to download for free. Just click on the button below the picture.

Witty quotes poster | Free playroom printables - witty quotes

Which one is your favorite?

So which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below – those are the eight quotes I’ve made for you to hang:

  1. Autocorrect made me say things I didn’t Nintendo
  2. How do I like my eggs? In a cookie
  3. An empty kitchen roll is a telescope
  4. Pick flowers, not fights
  5. Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane
  6. The only good system is a sound system
  7. No pants are the best pants
  8. If you are looking for me, I am in space

The free playroom printables are made by cutting out letterforms on collage sheets. This way you get unique fun posters for your playroom, nursery or classroom.

Blog Free Quote Printable | Free playroom printables - witty quotes

Interested in other posters?

Still looking for the perfect poster to hang in your kids bedroom? Well, I have you covered. There is even more free wall art available on Learning Kiddos. Check out those ideas:

Want a sweet A-Z poster with animals for each letter? Don’t buy it, just have a look at this post here:

alphabet poster printable free

Or how about a world poster? Every child loves to explore and the world is an infinite space for that. Continents and countries are on it plus nature and animals typical for those regions. Of course all of the oceans like the Atlantic ocean, the pacific ocean, the arctic and Indian oceon are on it, too. Have a look at this free world poster – perfect to hang in your kids room, too.

free world map

Last but not least I have a cute solar system poster for you guys. It has all the planets of the system on it: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Plus the dark scheme looks great on light walls. Click on the picture to get to the solar system post.

free nursery printable

Advertisements on my blog

This week I’ve hit a major milestone of mine – I got into Ezoic to publish ads on my website. One has to live, right and honestly where we live is not that cheap. Therefore I’ve applied and from now on will publish ads on my site.

The ads are placed where they found to be most useful for you. The artificially intelligent ad platform Ezoic covers all of those things for me – placement, what kind of ads will show and so on. As my website is aimed at parents I made sure that all the ads are appropriate content, too.

For now the system will test out my site and find out where to place those ads – so let’s wait and see what happens. So far the experience with Ezoic was great on my end, they really make sure you understand the world of advertising on your site and cover all of those technical skills, too.

Let’s see what the future brings – another idea of me is to create a Skillshare course (I am already making it, but currently life sometimes get in the way, hehe) and to keep making surface patterns out of my illustrations.

Another idea is programming an app, making Boom cards and Cricut files – please let me know in the comments what you would love most.

Or I could bring in more sewing content on this site – making all those cute and witty things I create for my Spoonflower account. So many ideas and not enough time – let me know what you would love to see. I am planning on making a little question round on Social Media (Instagram ) as well to find out what you would love more of.

Check out the posters in my video

I’ve made a little video about the posters…please check it out here:

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