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Free world map for kids – with cute animals

Ever wondered how you can get a free world map for kids? Planning your nursery, kids room or want to spruce up your classroom? I’ve got you covered – check out my free world map for kids in this post.

Download your free world map for kids

I illustrated and made this world map with cute animals and people in Illustrator. All of the items are hand-drawn in Pro Create on my iPad. Did you know that the most common poster sizes in the United States are 24×36 inch and 27×40 inch? I did those two for you so you can choose which one you like best. So do you want a world map free download? A world map printable pdf just for you?

Just click the button below with the size you like and enjoy your cool new kids room decor.

Free world map kids | Free world map for kids - with cute animals

World map free download – how I illustrated it

Let me tell you how I illustrated this cool free world map: first of all I draw all the animals, people and plants into my little sketchbook. Next up is my digital workflow. I scan those and open them in iPad Pro Create, an app for artists and illustrators. Then I retrace them with fun mid-century brushes from Bardot Brushes. Her brushes are the best I found on the market for this special mid-century vibe. Not to advertise them, I just really love them! Then I export the files as a .png (because of the transparent background) onto my computer. Putting all the cute illustrations onto the world map is last.

I definitely will share my process on Instagram and maybe other social media platforms in the future. Just working on those background/behind the scenes videos after our big summer holidays I hope.

A list of all of the animals, people and sights on my free world map

Let’s start with Greenland – a little Eskimo boy is waiting for you along with a sweet snowflake. In Canada you will find a goose, deer and woods of course. Mountains and a little squirrel is looking around the corner, too. In the United States you can see a cute little dog, a swimmer and a sweet Indian girl. The toucan is waiting in Mexico. In Brazil there are a lots of palm trees, a parrot, flamingo and down in Argentina an alpaca. The pacific ocean is filled with fishes and a narwhale.

Now let’s travel to the other side of the world. In Russia a big owl is flying over the pine trees. There is a castle, bear, cat in an armchair and wolf, too. In Finland you can meet a sweet little blonde girl practicing yoga. In Germany and France let’s meet the fox and frog. Kazakhstan has a lot of mountains of course and a little hedgehog is going there. China shows you a cute Chinese girl with a dragon balloon. Next to her in Japan is her friend. In India a snake murmurer is sitting around.

Let’s find out who is at home in Africa. An elephant, giraffe and chimp is there. Next to them in Madagascar you can find a cute hippo. The alligator, shark and mermaid are swimming in the Indian Ocean. Australia is the last continent we will visit. Of course there are kangaroos and turtles!

A compass shows you the way – hope you’ve liked our little world exploration. Let me know in the comments if you would love more poster.

This is my world map free download. A world map printable pdf just for you. This world map for classroom free is perfect for teachers, too.

Do you want to find out how the poster looks in a room?

Check out those cute pictures here and don’t forget to pin them and share them on Social Media:

World Map Kids Room Tent | Free world map for kids - with cute animals
Poster Kids Room Car | Free world map for kids - with cute animals

I’ve made a video for you to check out the free world map here

Want to know how the poster looks in detail? Check out my video here:

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Click the picture to go to the post next.

alphabet poster printable free

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