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Fun free postcard project for kids

Today I have something really cool for you – a free postcard project for you and your kids. The idea is to drop one postcard every day into your postbox. Kids love getting postcards, right? Then you can read the postcards and find out more about the solar system. A fun way to learn…

Download the free postcard project for your kids here

Read on to find out how to make those fun postcards – and learn more about the solar system. They are really easy to make – you just need scissors, glue and the printed template.

Solar System Postcards | Fun free postcard project for kids

Interested in finding out how to make those postcards?

Check it out here – you just need scissors, glue and the printed template. First of all you need to print the template – it is letter-sized and you can just print it on a normal printer in the office or at home. Second you need to cut out the postcards. Glue them together so you get two sides like with a real postcard.

Now it gets even easier: drop the postcards in your postbox and enjoy the grin on your kids face when they get the cards. Kid love getting postcards for a reason. They love to get engaged when learning.

Remember how they learned when they where little. They saw how you walked, talked and more…you are their role model. So let’s go on teaching things to our kids in a fun way. This postcard project is definitely one of them.

Want to watch a cute video about the solar system?

Now that you’ve learned a bit during the week getting those solar system postcards it’s time to watch a video about the solar system:

How about more ideas on the topic of the solar system?

Not only have I prepared this free postcard project for you and your kids but also other cool solar system ideas. Why not make a free printable bunting with a mnemonic to remember all the planets in order?

Or how about a whimsical solar system poster? Great as a gift, too.

Maybe you want to read all about the planets? There is the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Mars and of course our Earth. I’ve got you covered, too. Just click the pictures below to find out all about the planets.

free printable bunting
free nursery printable
Solar System Uranus | Fun free postcard project for kids

A little background info about me

Hi, I am Marie from Learning Kiddos and I make this blog for you every week. My background is in marketing and film, but when we’ve got our little son Nils, our perspective shifted. As most parents our little one was now the focus of attention.

That’s why I’ve started the Learning Kiddos blog. I want to accompany him with learning the best way possible. I think learning is only fun for kids when they can create and learn for themselves. Don’t you think so too? Learning should be fun. Exploring a topic even more is when you guide them and give them some ideas about the world. They can choose what topic they like and what they don’t.

It is learning in units I find most interesting. This way you can talk about stuff they want to explore longer and just teach the basics of things they really don’t like. Of course basic math and grammar is required, but at least it is a better teaching approach in my opinion.

So follow along my crafts and ideas how to teach your kiddos in a fun way. I plan a weekly newsletter along the way, too. After our big summer holidays I will start with this one.

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