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Halloween entertainment – fun for kids

Throwing a Halloween party for your kids and need Halloween entertainment ideas? Have a look at my Halloween party games below. If you don’t want to read this long post scroll to the end of it instead – there you can find a video.

Fun Halloween entertainment ideas for kids

Boo! Halloween party guests are always grateful when you have a few fun entertainment ideas up your sleeve. First of all there is “Trick or Treat”. This classic means that you go from door to door in your neighborhood and say “Trick or treat”! Kids wear costumes and if they get no treats they will do something evil. (of course not that evil, but hey, it is Halloween after all) check out this picture with the witch and devil doing their thing:

pexels charles parker trick treat | Halloween entertainment - fun for kids
Copyright: Charles Parker, Pexels

Back home – some fun entertainment ideas for kids

You are back home from Trick or Treat and need more party games? Why not make a toilet paper ghost game?

Make this | Halloween entertainment - fun for kids

It is really easy: first, grab some toilet paper (the more the better), a felt pen and a pumpkin. Draw ghosts on the toilet paper and stack those papers up. You got yourself a really cool Halloween bowling game now. Let party guests roll the pumpkin and make a challenge out of it. The winner could get the biggest piece of the Halloween cake.

Make a ghost Piñata on Halloween

Another fun idea is to make a ghost piñata on Halloween. Here is a picture of one:

pexels craig adderley halloween pinata | Halloween entertainment - fun for kids
Copyright: Craig Adderly, Pexels

Make pumpkin cookies with your little ones

And what about the sweets you think. Make pumpkin cookies with your little ones. This way they are already excited before Halloween and you can spend some quality time with them. Decorate them and serve them at your party.

pexels olia danilevich halloween cookies | Halloween entertainment - fun for kids
Copyright: Olia Danilevich, Pexels

Halloween ideas with balloons

Balloons are a classic toy, right? Use them as decoration and for games. Still got that felt pen you’ve had from earlier? Take it out again and draw pumpkin faces on orange balloons.

Later on it is time for the balloon dance: put one balloon on the forehead of two kids. Now they can dance but should not loose the balloon in the middle. Fun Halloween party idea, don’t you think?

pexels mike jones halloween balloons | Halloween entertainment - fun for kids
Copyright: Mike Jones, Pexels

Other ideas for Halloween games

There you have a few Halloween ideas for your kids and party guests. Still want some more? Check out Pinterest board here for more ideas.

Don’t want to DIY your Halloween party games? Why not buy them instead? For example this huge inflatable spider – the perfect ring toss game for Halloween.

I also got another post on the topic Halloween entertainment – my birthday is on Halloween, that is why I’ve collected so many inspiration on this the last years. Make sweet Oreo bats, mummy hot dogs and more..

12 1 | Halloween entertainment - fun for kids

Need Halloween costumes instead?

Have a look at my fun costume ideas – you can even make them last minute. There is a devil, angel, mummy, ghost, magician, witch, butterfly and the Frankensteins to choose from.

last minute halloween costume
Copyright: Daisy Anderson, Pexels

Last but not least – the video I’ve promised you above

Wanted to watch instead of reading more about Halloween entertainment ideas? Here is the video I’ve promised you at the beginning of this post.

Do you have other Halloween party ideas? Leave them in the comment – I could always use some more ideas on this topic, because my birthday is on Halloween.

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