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Have fun teaching ABC – an Ikea hack

Always wanted to learn the alphabet but don’t know where to start? Want to build letter recognition with your kids? Have fun teaching ABC and check out my fun Ikea hack. Read on to find out how to make a really cool learning wheel you can use again and again. And guess what is best: the template is completely free.

Download the free Lustigt Ikea Hack template

Ready to download the free Lustigt Ikea hack template? You can make the cool learning ABC learning wheel with this and finally have fun teaching ABC – so download it here right away:

Freebie ABC Wheel | Have fun teaching ABC - an Ikea hack

Have fun teaching ABC – use my Lustigt Ikea Wheel hack for this

Ever struggled to learn the ABC with your kids? Are they interested for a while, but then quickly get bored by the topic? Well, let’s gamify this for them. We make an ABC wheel today. With my template it is super-easy and they will finally recognize the letters in the end. All you need is my free template (download above), scissors, double adhesive tape and of course the Lustigt prize wheel from Ikea. Let’s start:

First of all we need an Ikea Lustigt Prize wheel. Click here to buy it. (no advertising, just a personal recommendation). Don’t worry: it is not one of those toys your kids don’t ever play with at all. In fact you can learn a lot of stuff with them while having fun turning the wheel. Promise! Now assemble the wheel as written in the instruction. Check out the digital manual on the Ikea page, too. It is important that you don’t put the wheel just on yet. This way you can put the cut out triangles of your ABC on the wheel.

It is time to print out the template – it is on letter-sized paper, so you can easily use your office printer for this one. The triangles are the perfect shape of the Ikea lustigt wheel. After you’ve printed this one out you now have to put double-adhesive tape on the back of your template. Please cover the whole letter sized paper, so everything glues perfectly.

Now cut the template along the black lines. If it is tricky cutting because of the double-ad tape on the back I have one big tip for you: use a little piece of double ad tape to remove stains of the glue from the scissor. Just put it on the blades of the scissor where the glue stains are and rip it off.

Don’t have the time to cut out all the tiny triangles? Well I’ve got an idea for you: just cut out the outside lines and you just have four pieces to glue onto the Ikea prize wheel.

The last part is to glue the triangles to the Ikea prize wheel. Just remove the double ad tape at the back of your triangles and put it on the wheel. Don’t worry you can still remove this if you want to change the look of your wheel. Softly peel off the tape in this case. Then mount the wheel to the Lustigt base.

Now the fun part: let’s play with the wheel. There are endless opportunities: one idea is your kid turns the wheel and has to say what letter it is. I made it easier for them because they can recognize the animals. Another idea for older kids is they turn the wheel and write down the letter they see. An advanced option for them is to write down the animal. I could go on for at least one minute. Attention teachers: this is an easy way to learn the alphabet for first graders too. You will have fun teaching ABC.

Don’t like to read how to make the wheel?

I’ve got you covered friends. Watch it instead:

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