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Make a Funny Frog Cootie Catcher

It’ slowly getting warmer. People are going out more and enjoying nature. And my new topic fits in perfectly: frogs. Lets’ make a Funny Frog Cootie Catcher – If you are looking for a video tutorial for this post, just scroll down to the bottom, you will find one there.

Mommy, I love this cute cootie catcher.

Our little one while playing with the frog cootie catcher

Download the free frog cootie catcher here

Make this frog cootie catcher Pinterest | Make a Funny Frog Cootie Catcher

How to make the cool cootie catcher

And so it goes – let’s get started: The first step is to download the template above. You need the printed template, scissors and that’s it. Now cut out the template along the crossed out line. At the end you should have a square.

I included folding instructions so you know exactly how to fold the Cootie Catcher. Then place the cut out square with the white side up and start folding. Here’s the folding instructions: Follow these step by step instructions to create your very own Cootie Catcher.

Fold the bottom of the paper to the side of the page to make a triangle. Fold one corner of the paper diagonally to the other corner. Fold each corner of the paper towards the center. Turn the paper over so that the folded sides are face down. Then fold all the corners to the center diagonally. Unfold the paper and fold the square in half horizontally. Fold the square in half and slip your thumbs and pointer finger under the four flaps.

You can either make up your own game with the kids or play the classic way: you fold back and forth until the other person shouts “Stop!”. Then you read out loud the numbers you see. The other person picks a number. Then you read out the problem and the other person solves it. Have fun playing!

An educational video about frogs for kids

You want to learn more about frogs? Take a look at my frog video:

Background info on my crafts

A little background info about my crafts: New year, new concept. I thought about the holidays (okay even into February), how I can increase the added value of my blog for you. Last year it was a bit difficult to keep up a regular posting routine besides my main job and playing with our little 5 year old. My goal is still to post once a week.

This was so difficult, because I packed so much DIY ideas into one post. That got me thinking: maybe I should do one post for one craft? And there it grew in my mind: my new concept. One post for one craft per week. You can scroll around, take a fun craft break with your kiddo and learn something together. How great is this? By the way, my crafts are especially suitable for children from three to 10 years. Perfect for preschool, but also for elementary school and even a little longer. Anyone who enjoys crafting can participate.

Check out how to make the cootie catcher here

Watch this video to understand how to DIY the cool cootie catcher.

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Check out my frog post

Frogs for kids

Let me know what you think of my frog cootie catcher in the comments. Please also tell me which frog fact was new to you – I can’t wait to hear about it!