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Wonderful jungle craft for preschoolers

Want to learn more about jungle animals with your kids? Check out this jolly jungle theatre – a cool jungle craft for preschoolers. You can put the plates in front of your faces and pretend to be jungle animals! Don’t want to read the whole post but watch the content instead? I’ve got you covered, too. Scroll down to the end of the post and you will find a video which explains how to make the jungle theatre.

Download this jolly jungle craft – for free

Jungle Craft Theatre | Wonderful jungle craft for preschoolers

How to make the jungle craft – a jungle theatre

Let’s begin making this jungle theatre. All you need is scissors, glue or a glue gun, seven white paper plates (or any color, it really doesn’t matter), strong duct-tape, the free printed template (download it by clicking the button above) and seven sticks. Collect the sticks with your kiddos outside.

First you need to print out the jungle craft template. Don’t worry about paper weight on this one, use any you have left.

Second cut out along the round lines – your kids can help if they are good with scissors. You can even practice cutting round shapes with them on this one.

Third glue the round shapes onto the paper plates. You can use a glue gun if you prefer it to normal glue. For this project I recommend a glue stick though, as I think it is easier to handle. Again, your kids can help with gluing, a great practice for them.

Last turn around the paper plates and tape the sticks onto the back of the paper plate with duct-tape. It’s best to tape a cross, so the sticks can’t move around.

And there you have it: you’ve made your very first cool jungle theatre. Now it is time to play – hold the paper plates in front of your faces and you are a jungle animal. Who are you? The funny jungle snake, the cool toucan or somebody else? The lion and is he really the king of the jungle?

Ready to find out more about jungle animals?

Now that you’ve made this fun craft are you ready to find out more about jungle animals? Check out my cool video about them below:

A little side note about my crafts

I make weekly crafts for you and your kiddos to make. They are completely free because I think free printables make the world a better place. On top of it I also draw all of the illustrations myself. It really calms me down and every time I do it I get into the flow.

Every month I choose a new topic and write about it. This month it is jungle animals. Summer content for summer days – finally the weather is getting warmer in Germany, too. Stay tuned and make them all.

At the end of the year my goal is to make different units for the different topics. You can download all for free and use it to entertain and make fun stuff with your little ones.

Check out how to make the jungle theatre for free in this video

Still interested in making the jungle theatre for free? Check it out in this tutorial video. No need to read the content above – just watch it here:

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