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Wonderful Woodland Animals Pennant

Do you want to learn more about woodland animals? Check out my fun woodland animals pennant and color it in, too. It is a free printable, but please use it only for your private purposes. I draw all of my illustrations myself, so I put in a lot of time and effort to make you cool free resources. As a bonus I’ve made a video on how to make the cool pennant if you don’t have the time to read through the tutorial. Scroll below at the end of the text to learn how it works. Let’s start and make this cute woodland animals pennant right now.

Download the wonderful woodland animals pennant here

Free Woodland Pennant | Wonderful Woodland Animals Pennant

How to make the free wonderful woodland animals pennant

Let’s begin making the free woodland animals pennant. Make sure you have scissors, thick letter-sized cardboard, glue and ribbon with you. I used white cardboard, but it really doesn’t matter which color it is. It just helps making the pennant more durable.

Start with printing the free template. Then glue the template to the cardboard.

Second let your little one color in all the black and white pieces. They can use all the colors – why not have a blue or yellow mushroom or make sweet little dots on it? Color in all the pieces with mushrooms together.

Third start cutting all of the pennant pieces along the line. Your kiddos can help if they’ve already good with scissors. Please assist to make sure that they don’t get hurt with the scissors.

When you’ve cutted each piece, make a little hole where the dot is. Again, please be careful, because scissors are sharp! Do it for all of the pieces.

The last step is hang the pennant on the playroom wall. Use the ribbon to hang it. Now you have a free wonderful woodland animals pennant and can learn more about all the animals who live in the forest.

Maybe you’ll even visit the woods and find some real animals in there? If you make and post this, don’t forget to tag #learningkiddos in your profile.

By the way I illustrate all of my animals on my iPad Pro. If you want to check out cool merchandise or patterns with my illustrations visit my Spoonflower, Etsy and Red Bubble shop.

A cool video about woodland animals

Want to watch a cool video about woodland animals and learn more about them? Check out my video here on my YouTube channel. Interested in watching a tutorial video about how to make the wonderful woodland animals pennant instead? Please scroll down below.

Background information about my crafts

I make weekly crafts for you and your kiddos to make. They are completely free because I think free printables make the world a better place. On top of it I also draw all of the illustrations myself. It really calms me down and every time I do it I get into the flow.

Every month I choose a new topic and write about it. This month it is woodland animals. I saw that you loved the woodland content so much I prepared a few cool crafts for you. Stay tuned and make them all.

At the end of the year my goal is to make different units for the different topics. You can download all for free and use it to entertain and make fun stuff with your child.

Check out how to make the wonderful woodland animals pennant here as a video

I promised you the tutorial video above so here it is. If you like my content don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I post free fun downloads for preschoolers and kids from 3 to 10 year old’s every week.

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