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Woodland wolf & more – fun postcards

The woodland wolf is a fascinating creature, isn’t it? He strolls around in the woods along other woodland animals. Why not make a fun postcard project to learn more about the woodland with your kids? Check it out in this post. Don’t forget to scroll down to the end of the post to find a video about woodland animals.

Download your free woodland postcard project here

Make this 4 | Woodland wolf & more - fun postcards

Let’s make those free postcards

Here it goes how you can make those free postcards: first of all you need to download the template by clicking the button above. Then print the template – it is best to print it on thicker paper, but if you don’t have thick paper it works with normal one, too. The template is for letter sized paper.

Next cut the template and let’s make those postcards from it – just glue both sides together and you have your fun postcard project. The woodland wolf is waiting for you…

Interested in other woodland content?

Check out my really cool woodland video on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you like my content. Every week on Friday I post a new video and new content here on Learning Kiddos:

Check out other woodland crafts here

I’ve already created other woodland crafts that are perfect for your woodland unit, too. Why not make a wonderful woodland cootie catcher with information on forest animals in it? Or you can make whimsical woodland dice that you can roll? Then you can make the sounds and moves of forest animals with your kids. Another craft is my woodland bunting – hang it in your room to remember all of the forest animals.

The perfect way to learn more about the woodland, don’t you think? Let me know in the comments if you think I should make more woodland content. Just click on the pictures to explore this woodland content:

animal cootie catcher
Woodland Animals Crafts
Woodland Animals Pennant

Want to learn more about me?

Hi, I am Marie and I make free weekly crafts for you and your kids. You can learn more about different topics like animals – so far I’ve covered woodland animals, farm animals, jungle animals, dogs – others are coming soon.

I also write about the wonders of the world – topics so far have been the solar system, the weather and learning the alphabet. The idea of Learning Kiddos is to accompany kids from preschool to the first grade. Maybe you find my content even useful for older grades? Let me know in the comments…

Illustrating has been a long-time hobby of mine. I draw all the cute images of animals and the wonders of the world myself on my iPad Pro in Procreate.

In the future I plan to make more out of my cute illustrations, too. Do you know Boom Cards? In my shop I’ve already made my first deck. I also plan my first fabric collection on Spoonflower. There are a few fabrics already up, but there is no real collection yet.

At the end of this year I plan to make units of all the resources I’ve created here on my Learning Kiddos blog. There will be topics like the solar system, the weather, learning the ABC, counting, different animals like woodland animals, farm animals, jungle animals, dogs, insects and more. You can get back to my blog if you need a resource for each of the topics and then download free crafts and watch educational videos. Perfect for teachers and parents alike.

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8 | Woodland wolf & more - fun postcards
10 | Woodland wolf & more - fun postcards
9 | Woodland wolf & more - fun postcards